Getting Fit at Home with Yogaia

I was once a huge Yoga fan. I would practise it quite often. It probably has to do with the fact that I was (ahem!) younger and more agile. Then I had children and became lazy and I stopped.

This year, I decided to pursue getting fit and I was looking at joining a Yoga class or some other fitness class. Of course, costs were a big factor too as well as time. Quite a few of the classes are in the evening and I keep this time strictly for the family.


What luck then to be asked to review Yogaia -the new Yoga App.

I signed up quite quickly and set off to explore.

What I really like about the App – besides being so easily accessible is that there are so many different exercises to choose from.

You can have Relax and Mindfulness or Sweat

The classes are really easy to follow and they are easygoing so give you enough time to catch up and try the different asanas. There are different levels too – Easy Yoga and just Meditation which are great starters for people who have never tried Yoga leading on to the more difficult poses that one can try.


I have been trying this out for the past 2 weeks now and since it is in the comfort of the home, I can try it out whenever I want. If I feel like skipping a day, I do so. The great thing is if I don’t feel up to breaking a sweat, I can just relax and meditate.

With the option to choose from pre-recorded classes and live classes where you can also turn on your web-cam and join in (not one for me right now – as I don’t want anyone to see me topple over), Yogaia is the new way to stay fit in the comfort of one’s home.

You can even choose length of time, Level and Intensity of the class to suit you and your mood.

It’s like having a personal Yoga Instructor at home.

Here’s what Yogaia say about their App –

Yogaia is the world’s first and only interactive online yoga studio – a unique way of practicing yoga anytime, anywhere.  Our mission is to bring wellbeing to all. 

And here is some Om-azing news! Now you have an opportunity to test Yogaia  – 14 days for free!  Get on your yoga mat and join as many classes as you want during the free trial – no credit cards, no excuses, just great yoga.  Redeem the free trial code before April 25th at

Right then, for me it’s off to try some new Yoga poses.

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