Getting my feet ready for winter with Emjoi MicroPedi


With the advent of winter, I feel dry skin a huge problem. I especially find that the heels of my feet get really dry and chapped. I get away with it as I don’t have to wear sandals but believe me, I’ve learnt the hard way that if I care for my feet during the winter, I don’t have to work as hard on them when summer approaches.

I was sent the MICRO-Pedi set to review and this has been a godsend for me.


The gift set includes –

  • Pink MICRO Pedi device with mounted Extra Coarse Flex+ Micro-Mineral Roller (Anti-Bacterial*)
  •  Ultra Finishing Cream
  •  Branded Bag
  •  Precision Kit
  •  Nail File
  •  Toe Separators
  •  Nail Clippers

The best way to use the Micropedi is to use it on dry skin. Never use it in the bath or on irritated or inflamed or blistered.


For use, turn it on and move the Micro-Pedi back and forth on the dry skin area. Use for 2 – 3 seconds and go over the area again for another 2 – 3 seconds. I found that it is quite gentle yet effective and it doesn’t really scuff the skin. It’s more like an exfoliator but is stronger.

Here’s a before –


and after just one use –


Excuse the very dry foot image!

It is prescribed that you use it 2 – 3 times a week and that’s what I’ve been doing (when I find the time that is)

Also when you use it it sloughs off skin so it leaves a residue. It’s best to do it in the bath or use a towel under your feet.

The MICRO-Pedi is priced at about £79.99 and is available at all major beauty retailers.

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