Getting Creative with Glam Goo

Slime is the ‘In’ thing – or so I’m told.

What fun then for Aeryn to be sent some Glam Goo – a very glamorous version of slime.

The  Glam  Goo  Confetti  Pack  uses  exciting Fluffy  Slime  and  comes  with  two  wearable  accessories  to  store  your  slime   –   a  bow  bracelet  and  bunny  charm.  Includes  a  container  of  Glam  Goo  (fluffy  slime),  two  slime  decorations  –  Dance  Mix  and  Rainbow  Party,  two  shimmer  colours  –  Have Fun  and  Happy,  and  one  scent  –  So  Peachy!

Aeryn enjoyed getting messy with the slime. She decorated her bracelet and the bunny charm using shimmer.

It’s really easy to do and it’s nice that they have something to keep and wear if they wish.

There are other sets in the range too –

The  Glam  Goo  Deluxe  pack (RRP £22.99)  has  everything  you  need  to  make slime  fashion  your  own.  Customise  and  store  your favourite
slime  creations  in  your  purse  or  ring.  Includes  a  container  of  Glam  Goo  (clear  slime),  a  glitter  purse  and double  ring,
three  slime  decorations  –  Cloud  Crunch,  Daydreams  and  Unicorn  Tears,  two colours –  Electric  Blue  and  Pinky  Promise,
one  scent  –  Violet  Vibes  (lilac),  and  one mixing  spoon.
The  Glam  Goo  Fantasy  Pack  (RRP £14.99) comes  with  two  wearable  accessories  to  store  your  slime  in  –  a  heart  necklace  and rainbow  charm.  Includes  a  container  of  Glam  Goo  (clear  slime),  three  slime  decorations   –  Mermaid  Wishes,  Cosmic  Dust  and  Unicorn  Fuzz,  two  shimmer  colours  – Mint  Skies  and  Magic Hour,  and  one  scent –  Rose  Mist.

Glam  Goo  is  available  exclusively  from  Argos,  Smyths,  Tesco,  Asda,  The Entertainer,  Toys  R  Us,  Toymaster  and all  good  toy  retailers.

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