Getting active with the Y-Glider XL – The Trendy Scooter from YVolution

The children have been asking for scooters for sometime now but I have been putting it off simply because well – I didn’t think they would use it much as we live in an apartment.

But I was thinking of caving in and getting them scooters anyway.


I was pleasantly surprised when I got an opportunity to review the Y-Glider XL Scooters from Yvolution.

I knew the children would be overjoyed especially since they were in colours that they love. Ethan’s is green and Jadyn’s is pink.

They wanted to take them out for a ride immediately on return from school but it happened to be raining. Luckily the next day was Saturday. Unluckily they were awake really early to go scooting!


The scooters were very easy to put together and the handle clicks into place. The scooters are quite trendy and I love the bright colours. The scooter is sturdy and also not flimsy to the hand – it is suitably heavy.

The Y-Glider XL has a ‘lean to steer’ technology and anti slip foot plate. There is a rear brake for a quick stop. Being three wheeled they are ideal for first scooters and the children are quite comfortable riding them. The handles also have soft rubber grips so it is an enjoyable experience to ride. The handle bars are adjustable with a height range of 89 – 99 cm so the children can use them for a number of years.


The children have been scooting every weekend and have been enjoying it. The handles can be removed for easy storage. They are now looking forward to enjoying their outings on the scooters during the break.

The maximum load weight is 40kg and the scooter is suitable from 5 – 9 years.

I thought that getting the children scooters would be a waste, especially in winter, but with the weather holding, they look forward to getting some exercise and in the best way possible on their trendy scooters.


These scooters would make an ideal Christmas gift and if you are still looking for ideas for presents, this is one that will make any little girl or boy’s Christmas!

There are several different scooters to choose from on the YVolution site which are suitable for different ages.

 Disclaimer: I was sent these scooters for my children for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 



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