Getting a Head Start in the Morning with Weetabix Protein

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why I ensure that the family has a healthy breakfast everyday especially during the week.

The children enjoy having cereal for breakfast and I am quite careful about the cereals that I choose. Many of them have too much sugar (which the children love) but then again when I offer them cereals with the right mix, they seem to enjoy those just as much. So, nowadays I just go with the healthier versions.


I was pleased to be able to try the new Weetabix Protein and even more pleased to see that the kids just loved it. As do Hubs and I. Finally a cereal we all agree upon – which means I only need to stock one kind in future.

The importance of protein in the diet has long since been emphasised which is why we incorporated eggs for breakfast. But with children looking for something new everyday, it’s so much easier to give them something just as good for their health. Plus, with cereal, they also get their morning dose of milk in. I sometimes add some fruits in for an even healthier option – blueberries go really down really well here. You can check MonicasHealthMag for more details.


Let me introduce you to the new Weetabix Protein. If we loved it so, I’m sure you will.

Weetabix Protein targets the health conscious who are looking for a tasty and nutritious protein breakfast. As the most trusted macronutrient (Canadean, 2015), protein has become a mainstream health trend particularly with families looking for a breakfast to power them through the morning.

Besides, NEW Weetabix Protein is not only high in wheat protein but; High in fibre, low in sugar, salt and fat and fortified with Iron and vitamins, with a serving of Weetabix Protein with milk (40g portion with 135ml semi-skimmed milk) containing 12g of protein compared to 6g from a large egg.


I’m really glad I’m able to offer my family a healthy breakfast

Weetabix Protein 24s is available at all major retailers and is priced at £2.99

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