Get the perfect Christmas look for your home with Tesco

This year, the children were after a bigger tree for Christmas and I had promised them they could have one.

tesco Christmas

When I went to the Ideal Home Show, I saw the tree that I wanted in the Tesco Direct Stand. It was this Alaskan Flocked Christmas tree that looked gorgeous with berry lights. I knew immediately that I had to have it.

tesco 4

The Alaskan Flocked tree is a 6 ft tree and has a lovely snow like effect on it. It is gorgeous and bushy and looks really nice when decorated. It comes in three parts and it is easy to put the parts together. The base is really sturdy too for a tree that size.

tesco 2

Together with the tree, I purchased some baubles from Tesco as well as some berry lights for the tree. The baubles were at half price and 24 of them cost me just £3. They are of a good size for a big tree.

The multi coloured berry lights look lovely on the tree as the little icily lights that I had previously would have been hidden among the branches of the tree.

To top off the tree, we also got a chunky glitter Christmas star that looks beautiful.

The children are so pleased with the tree and I am sure that they are going to be even more thrilled with all the presents beneath it on Christmas Day.

There is a whole range of products available at Tesco Direct and in store that would make your home be perfectly kitted out for Christmas. While it may be convenient to shop online, it may be worth visiting a store if you don;t find something you want online.

Disclaimer: I was send a £10 gift card to purchase some Christmas products. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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