Get ready for summer with the Sodastream Source

I love sparkling water especially if it’s chilled. It is lovely with a meal and definitely posh if served in the right glass.


I think the lovely people at Sodastream heard me out and decided to make me an offer I could not refuse – try out a Sodastream Drinks Maker for a month and see if I missed the store bought drinks.


First up, this Sodastream machine is so good to look at. It is sleek and stylish with a metallic effect that makes it fit into any contemporary kitchen or dining room. Not surprisingly, as it has been designed by interior designer Yves Béhar.

It is also easier to use than the older machines as there is no need to turn and twist bottles. All you need to do is pull the lever towards you, fit the filled bottle in and then push it towards the machine. Next, push down on the lever and add fizz according to the level that you like. Then all you do is add the flavour of choice.

This is the part that I really enjoy – you can adjust the level of fizz to suit you. I would not give my children fizzy drinks all the time and this was more due to the sugar content rather than the fizz. Now, however, I can happily give them fizzy drinks (well, not all the time) without being worried that they are going to be tearing around the house. Also, the fact that I can control the level of fizz, helps greatly.

The LED lights let you know exactly how much of fizz you are adding to your drink.

sodastream 1

There is a wide range of flavours to choose from including cola although I love the pink grapefruit flavour. There are even some cocktail flavours like margarita and cosmopolitan which I am very keen on trying out.

One bottle of flavouring can give you about 12 litres of drinks and costs from £3.49 so it is quite economical considering the fact that you only need tap water.

The cylinder makes up to 60 litres of drink. It can be exchanged online and you pay £19.99 upfront but get a £10 refund once you return the old cylinder. You can find out more about it here

Fizzy drinks always taste better when chilled so it is a good idea to chill the water before adding the fizz as once you do, I am sure you won’t want to put off having a glass.

I do like having complete control over how fizzy I want my drink, what flavour I would like to add and how much sugar is going in. Plus, with looks like the Sodastream Source, what’s not to like?

Now, as spring has arrived (finally), it also means that it’s time to get ready for the summer. What could be better than having your own refreshing, ice cold drink at home? You don’t run out and you have a range of flavours to choose from. Plus, it does fall cheaper than store bought drinks in the long run.

The machine is also environmentally friendly as it saves on plastic bottles. The bottles have a sealing cap so that the drinks stay fizzy longer. They are BPA free.

The Sodastream Source retails at £129.99

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it will be a perfect gift for mum.

Or perhaps, a gift to yourself?!


Disclaimer: I was sent the Sodastream Source for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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