Get fit this Spring with Deichmann

With all the Christmas indulgence I so need to look at getting fit this Spring. Luckily, I was sent some great tips by Deichmann who teamed up with Charlie King to help us get back in shape.

Aiming to get everyone off the sofa and into their trainers, global shoe brand Deichmann has teamed up with personal trainer and fitness expert Charlie King, of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ fame, to bring you the best advice on matching your footwear to your exercise plan.

Keep on running with Nike Revolution 3 trainers – £44.99

Charlie says: “I am a massive fan of running, as it’s a great way to use the aerobic energy system to burn calories and increase your heart rate. Plus, hill running, beach running, running on uneven surfaces are great ways to build agility, co-ordination and strength in the legs.

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“My advice would be to set a goal and work to smash it. If you are contemplating taking up running, break it down into goals. Head down to your local park and start with a brisk walk into interval jogs, using benches and lamp posts as points to increase and reduce speed. For those with young children, it’s easy to fit into your daily routine, as you can do it with your child if you jog or run with your pushchair, and it’s free. Before you know it, you’ll be sprinting around that park quicker than Usain Bolt.”

Charlie’s tip

“Buy some comfortable trainers. I recommend the Nike Revolution 3, because they are extremely comfortable, have neutral ankle support for uneven terrain and also offer excellent grip across a range of surfaces. Running outside requires a level of confidence, so you can keep the focus on your goal and destination, while having trust in your footwear.”


Weight training with Nike Dynasty Airmax – £59.99

Charlie says: “Weight training is a big part of my gym routine, because it’s one of the best ways to grow muscle size and build strength. Training systems are vital to success, so next time you are in the gym, look at incorporating drop sets, giant sets and super sets into your routine. By doing these systems you are shocking the muscle, exhausting it and causing it to grow. Don’t feel intimidated if you’ve never tried weights before, visit your local gym for advice or go with a friend so that you can try it together.

“To train triceps, try a drop set. Find your maximum weight for six to eight reps before reducing the weight by 10kg and repeating the exercise until you feel the burn. Once exhausted, drop the weight another 10kg and repeat. Do this three times to really feel the burn.”

Charlie’s tip

“Trainers for weight training need to be robust, comfortable and supportive to help you get the most out of your session. For this type of weight training I would go for a classic and reliable pair of Nike Dynasty Airmax. Being lightweight and padded helps to take the pressure off feet, meaning they’re also perfect for warm ups and cool downs.”

Get into circuit training with Adidas Galaxy 3 trainers – £39.99

Charlie says: “Personally, I love circuit training, because it has multiple benefits for your body. With circuits, you can work on your fitness, build strength and stamina, while simultaneously building muscle and losing body fat. As you’re blitzing the body in half the time of a normal workout, circuits are a great choice for ladies who may be pushed for time. They really maximise your workout time, so it makes it much easier to fit sessions in between work or looking after children, and if you replace the weights with household items, such as bags of rice or bottles of water, they can even be done at home.

“This is a little example of how simple, yet effective, a circuit can be and how you can incorporate exercises to work the full body:
* 20 body weight squats
* 10 press ups
* 15 individual walking lunges (30 altogether)
* 10 dumbbell curls (alternate arms)

* 15 second plank
* 15 burpees
“Rest for one to two minutes after the first set, then hydrate and repeat the circuit with little to no rest in between the second and third sets.”

Charlie’s tip

“I recommend the Adidas Galaxy 3 trainers with innovative Cloudfoam technology for circuits. This trainer is lightweight, comfortable and supportive, making it ideal for the various exercises incorporated into circuit training. As circuit training is intense, your heels need extra cushioning from impact, so this is where these trainers will bring great benefits and help you avoid injury.”

For strength and performance try CrossFit with Nike Downshifter 6 trainers – £37.99

Charlie say: “It takes time to learn this method of training and safety is paramount, as it involves a variety of activities, including running, weight lifting, squats, pull ups and other movements. The key to successful CrossFit training is to keep your heart rate

elevated, which will increase overall endurance. From the start of a session to your final rep you work the body to the max and the variety of activities makes it an interesting workout. CrossFit can be done with a social group to make them fun and there are classes, even for beginners, so get online, have a look and try it out to see if it’s your thing. Again, it requires a short burst of activity, so great if you have limited free time to dedicate to your exercise regime.”

Charlie’s tip

“For this type of training I opt for the Nike Downshifter 6 trainers. They offer cushioning and the all-important stability you need for these exercises. The rubber traction on the soles also is vital for CrossFit, making sure you are gripped to the floor and feeling confident for the lifts, but style is also a factor I like to consider and I feel these offer the full package, just like the CrossFit workout.”

 Give High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a go with Adidas Lite Racer trainers – £39.99

Charlie says: “This type of exercise is taking the world by storm. If you want to blast fat even when you are in rest periods, then HIIT training is for you. It’s short, intense and you recover before going again, so if hour-long workouts are impossible to fit into your schedule due to work or family commitments, then give this a try at home.

“Doing this style of exercise kicks the metabolism into overdrive and causes the body to reduce in oxygen levels, meaning the calories are still burning when you have finished your exercise. You might want to start with one session a week and add more sessions once you have built up your endurance and resistance.

“This is a typical HIIT workout you can start with:
30 seconds of jumping jacks
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 seconds press ups
10 jump squats
10 lunges
Rest then repeat three times.”

Charlie’s tip

“Adidas Lite Racer trainers are a secure fitting trainer with a chunky outer sole for comfort, which is very important in all aspects of fitness. I personally require ankle support, as I’m prone to injury, and I find these trainers offer this with the padded ankle collar. These trainers are also great for indoor and outdoor use, so are durable and perfect for all sports.”
Charlie King starred in the reality TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ before becoming a personal trainer and fitness coach. His fitness focus has enabled him to work as a fitness columnist for Gay Times, complete the Men’s Health 6 Week Challenge, launch the London 10k with Help for Heroes and participate in Maximuscles Home of Gains.

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Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before beginning a new fitness regime.

I was sent these lovely Nike Air Max Ladies Trainers and they are perfect for my new get fit regime. They fit really well and the Air Max cushioning makes it ideal for my gym sessions.


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