Get Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping By Saving Now

It’s a fact that the fall is the busiest time of year. From back-to-school, no more vacation time, and holidays on the rise, this is the time of year we all start breaking plans as that busy, overworked, tired sensation sets in. We begin to go into hibernation, and it feels as though we go to sleep mid-October and wake up at the end of December wondering where the past two months have gone.

If you’re like me, on more than one occasion you’ve stood in hour-long retail lines the morning of Christmas Eve or frantically weeded through your cheapest online overnight shipping options the week before the Christmas holiday. Quite frankly, just about every year for the past ten years I’ve needed a Christmas miracle when it came to gift giving. This year I’ve vowed will be different, and I urge shoppers to push aside their  ill formed behaviors of Christmas past and join me in getting our shopping done early for Christmas 2014.

In September I mentally prepared myself and now I am taking action by researching the best gift ideas I can find online to save myself from binge shopping at store counters. I am going back to basics, and with a basic theme in mind have taken to the Internet to see what the best deals are. Finding this great UK shopping and voucher site, VoucherBin, has changed how I’ve looked at shopping and will impact how I continue to shop in the future.

Here are some of the amazing items and vendors I found that will hopefully inspire you to shop early, shop online, and shop with discount voucher this holiday season:

Cadenzza: A british retailer offering the latest trends in jewelry and accessories. I purchased a gorgeous embellished cuff bracelet and chandelier earrings for my sister and an elegant pair of jewel studded leather gloves for my mum.

B Jewelled: A high end carrier of all things jewelry, I bought my husband an Armani watch for £125. The site carries items for men, women, teens, and children and caters to various styles and levels of classic sophistication to the recent trends. Watch the jewellery section for fabulous discounts.

Jolly Chic: I found several items for my best girl friend and myself on this fun, quirky, trendy site that includes all things fashion, jewelry, and accessories. Definitely a convenient shop for the women in your life this season.

In as little as a couple of hours I managed to shop for my mum, dad, sister, husband, best friend and even something for myself while significantly cutting down on my spending when compared to my last several Christmas gifting years.

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Voucher Bin

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