Geomag Panels and Mechanics Review

You must know that Ethan loves to build. When we were offered a review of Geomag, I knew he would enjoy them and I was actually looking forward to see how they worked too.

Here’s a little more about the product –

Geomag Panels –

Magnetic forces and geometric shapes combine to create the Geomag Panels range. The bright and transparent panels make the structures more solid. These take shape thanks to the colourful triangles, squares and pentagonal panels. It makes it possible to build even bigger and more stable constructions – imagination without limits! The wide range of colours and bright pieces show you a whole new way to play.

Geomag Mechanics

Geomag Mechanics is the evolution of the Geomag Classic line that has made the brand famous the world over, with its steel spheres and magnetic rods. The new platform adds elements in different shapes and colours to the invisible magnetic forces to trigger mechanical movement and make the structures rotate and move. The cylinders, ball bearings and modular platforms all fuel creativity, as you build bigger and stronger constructions. Intended for more expert players, the new product stimulates children’s ingenuity, to build more amazing and magical structures. With a simple hand gesture or with the help of the “compass rod”, the constructions will start to move as if by magic, triggering a chain reaction thanks to the magnetic attraction and repulsion of the rods.

What we thought –

First off – it was not as easy as it looks. But I say this in a good way as it was challenging. Sometimes the pieces repel each other so you need to match the polarity and in doing so the children learn about magnetism and it’s properties.

The bright colours are attractive to kids.

There are endless possibilities to building with Geomag and I myself had fun doing it.

The products support STEM learning which I think is so important for little ones.

The Panels are priced at about £99 and the Mechanics are priced at about £37.99
They are available at all major retailers. Click on the links below to purchase from Amazon –


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