Gazillions Bubbles Bubble Pong Game – Review

We were recently sent the Gazillion Bubble Pong game to review and since we love bubbles, we figured this would be loads of fun.

It’s quite simple really as all you need to do is get the balls into holes. But you need to do so by lobbing the ball on the ground/table and then getting it into the holes.

There are 3 difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced and these are determined by how you set up the game.

If you happen to get three balls in then the light indicates so and bubbles get in the face of your rival.

Pretty fun I think as one may want to lose. Who doesn’t like bubbles?

The game is easy to set up but the only drawback here is that it needs 8 AA batteries to work with which is added expenditure. The game itself costs £19.99 so that’s not bad.

It would have been a great game if it didn’t require so many batteries especially as none are included.

Having said that you can use the game solely to play ping-pong if you wish and try and get the balls in the holes.

The children did have fun playing it but the bubble mixture also ran out all too soon.

It was fun while it lasted though and you can get refill bubble mixture so all is not lost.

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