Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble Mill Review

We’ve reviewed Gazillion Bubbles before –

It was so much fun and we used it all summer.

This time we were invited to review another product in the range and knowing the fun we had last time, it was a quick yes please?

The Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble Mill blows GIANT bubbles. Here’s more about the product.

Gazillion Bubbles give kids the ultimate bubble experience! The special formula used to create Gazillion Bubbles solution has been shown to create bigger, more plentiful bubbles, but for 2017 the experience gets even bigger taking its superior bubble solution to another level as well as new gadgets and gizmos that will create bigger bubbles than ever before. The Giant Bubble Mill is the ultimate large machine that blows giant bubbles! Coming complete with an 8oz bottle of Giant Bubble Solution, key features include a rotating wheel that blows giant bubbles continuously, there’s no pump and no waiting!

How did we get on?

I think we chose the wrong day to review this one as the bubbles blew away quite quickly because it was so windy.


The bubbles were quite big though. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to capture them on camera as they were blown away really quickly.

In terms of being big – yes the bubbles were huge.

It would have been great to have instructions included with it.

The only thing is that the mixture finished very quickly – I suppose it is because of the size of the bubbles?

However, you can purchase more of the mixture from retailers like Amazon so that you can never stop having fun with bubbles.

Since we love bubbles, I am going to give this another try and buy some more bubble mixture as I think it would be ideal for the summer. It would be especially great for a party outdoors.

I shall give you an update as soon as I’ve tried it out again.

The product is priced at £19.99 and is available at all major retailers.


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