Gazebo lights can help create the perfect ambience for entertaining

Isn’t it an amazing feeling to get out in the garden and camp under the stars? Perfect for summer but maybe not for this time of year. Just because we can’t camp out in the garden, doesn’t mean we can’t spend time out under the stars. I think it’s lovely to be able to have a meal out in the garden or just spend some time with family and friends around a campfire.

The children have recently had a telescope to review and they love it. Bring the chill, they set it up in the garden and have fun looking for and identifying the constellations.

For those who have conservatories, having some sort of shelter and yet being able to see the sky is the perfect idea. For those who don’t, and still need cover from the rain, a gazebo is a great idea.

A gazebo is quite a versatile makeshift shelter. Its perfect for smaller gardens as you can get sizes to suit and they can look quite pretty nowadays. Gone are the days when gazebos were used just for weddings and occasions. I’ve seen quite a few people have gazebos in their gardens to host gatherings. In fact, I’ve been to quite a few summer parties where people have put up a gazebo in the garden to entertain.

I’ve also recently attended an evening event where a gazebo was used and it looked gorgeous. There were little lights used to light it up and the whole ambience looked so festive.

I think this would set the tone for a Christmas setting too. To me Christmas is all about lights and sparkles where decor is concerned. How lovely would it be to have a gazebo in the garden set about with beautiful patio or gazebo lights to make it all the more festive. I can picture myself surrounded by friends and family sipped mulled wine, munching on a mince pie or two and spreading festive cheer.

It would also be the perfect way to bring in the New Year – under the stars. Maybe take in  view of some fireworks. Can’t you get the picture? It definitely appeals to me.

Or how about camping? Garden camping is such a cool idea. You don’t need to pay to pitch a tent and you can always come indoors if it’s too cold or rainy. What would be better than camping outdoors on Christmas Eve and watching for Santa? Maybe he’d just drop the presents into our tents. I bet the children would just love it. I’m quite loving the idea myself.

The more I think about it, the more I feel like doing something like this. Probably a good idea to work on. Before I do so, I’d better look at investing in a gazebo and then look around for the perfect lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

I know I’d love to attend a party outdoors especially on a clear night when you can see the stars. Do you like entertaining in the garden? Or are you more of an indoors type? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know.


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