Fuzzikins Craft Campervan from Interplay UK – Review

We had previously reviewed the Fuzzikins Dozy Dogs and as you know Aeryn loved it. This time round we were sent the Fuzzikins Craft Camper Van set from Interplay UK and she enjoyed this so much.

The camper van is a good size and is great to play with as it looks very cheery.

The set includes –

  • Camper Van
  • 2 Fuzzikins cats to decorate
  • Stickers
  • 4 felt tip pens
  • Instructions

It is a craft set essentially so there’s loads to do. You can colour in the stickers and stick them on the camper van or indeed anywhere else (except the walls in the living room!!)

You need to decorate the cats – you can follow some of the ideas given or do your own thing. A child can give in to creativity and decorate the cats exactly how they want – spots, stripes, flowers?

Once done, the cats can enjoy a catnap in the pull down bed or have a meal for two at the table.

The great thing about this set is that you can wash off the colours of the cats and redo them. Isn’t this fun?

I like that everything packs into a handy carry case which is in fact a camper van. Perfect for a day trip to the grandparents.

Fuzzikins Craft opens up a world of imaginative and creative play. They also sponsor Disney Junior Weekday afternoons.

Fuzzikins Craft Camervan is from Interplay Ltd and is available at Amazon

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