FurReal Roarin’ Tyler – the Playful Tiger : Review

Ethan is tiger crazy. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy. He had a huge collection of tigers but this recent addition is his favourite. And no wonder! Meet Tyler – the roaring, playful tiger from Hasbro.

Where do I start with this toy? He is so adorable.

Tyler is Hasbro’s tiger addition to the Furreal Friends range. You know what to expect, don’t you?

Yes, Tyler is interactive and has over 100+ sound and movement combinations.

Tyler is a great size, In fact, he is quite large as you can see in the picture.

He has a hard body but is covered in soft fur. Really soft, fur that you’ll love to stroke. He has the biggest, cutest eyes possible and lovely ears too – that are soft as well.

He has a big head in relation to his body – much like a tiger cub which I guess is what he is.

Pet Tyler’s head and he may close his eyes and his ears move too.

Pet his muzzle and he bows down on his front legs.

Tyler’s back legs are movable too so you can pose him to give me a better cuddle. Love this simple, innovative feature.

The best part of course is Tyler roaring back at you. Roar at him and he’ll roar right back. It sometimes seems to get louder as you get louder. He will even sing ‘roar, roar, roar, roar, roar’ to the tune of ‘Roar, roar, roar your boat’.

Give Tyler something in his mouth and he’ll make munching noises. He even sneezes and I’m sure he gave us all the dreaded cold we’ve been nursing all week.   😀

There is a toy chicken that comes with Tyler, which he responds to when it squeaks. You can even put it in his mouth and play with him by trying to take it out. Much like you play with a dog and its toy.

Tyler is just a darling and I have to admit I have found myself calling out to him too. It’s just that sort of toy.

Ethan, needless to say, is never far from Tyler when he is at home. Tyler shares his bed with the rest of the tigers and is also close when he’s playing games and watching telly.

Tyler does need batteries – 1.5V batteries. These are not included so do be sure to buy some when you pick up the toy.

FurReal Roaring’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger is priced at about £134.99 and is available at all major toy retailers.


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