Fruit Picking with Fruit Shoot – #ItsMyThing

In the last week of the holidays, we were invited to a rather lovely event at Home Cottage Farm. It was an event held by Fruit Shoot and we were going to pick our own fruit and perhaps come up with our own fruity delight – much like the Fruit Shoot Drinks.

On arrival, we were greeted by the team and treated to Fruit Shoot, of course.

We then went on to pick a variety of fruits – blackberries, raspberries, plums and apples.

The kids were thrilled to find loads of big, juicy blackberries. We had been to a pick your own farm the previous weekend and we had not found any blackberries so this was a treat.

It’s a wonderful activity to pick one’s own fruit as it encourages children to learn where fruits actually come from. They also learn what real fruit looks like instead of seeing it as an ingredient.

For example, did you know that Fruit Shoot has REAL FRUIT in every drop?

It is made for kids on the go and it contains real fruit and water. Even better, it contains no added sugar and is free from artificial flavours and colours. It is also filled with multi-vitamins.

I know I can let my children have Fruit Shoot without any qualms.

A picnic was laid out for us with Fruit Shoot drinks on hand for anyone who was thirsty.

We also met Holly Bell, of GBBO fame, who treated us to some yummy treats all made with real fruit and I did try the cupcake recipe out and it came out really well.


Fruit Shoot is available in delicious flavours – Apple, Apple and Blackcurrant, Orange, Summer Fruits, Tropical and for a limited time – Peach and Mango (which we tasted for the first time and it was delicious)

A big thanks to Fruit Shoot for an amazing day out.

Here are some pictures of our day and as you can see we had a splendid time.







For more information about Fruit Shoot drinks visit the website here


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