From Woman to Mum – #LifeisReborn

The makers of JOHNSON’S® Baby are asking mums and their families to share their favourite memory from the birth of the special bundle of joy in their life. Becoming a new parent can be magical for the whole family – and creates a whole new set of roles, such as dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle and grandparent.

When I saw that Johnson’s was running this activity, I knew I had to follow through simply because it gave me an opportunity to relive some of the most exciting periods of my life where I left behind my carefree days to become a mother.

The moment I had confirmed my pregnancy, I changed. I was careful with what I ate, where I went and avoided places where I would be at risk of even the slightest danger like being struck by a ball for instance. All because I knew that I carried within me a life that was precious. I was instinctively protective.

During the months of pregnancy, I read up everything there was to know about pregnancy, having a baby and looking after the baby subsequently.

Nothing prepared me for what was to come.

I had a natural birth for Jadyn and labour pains can be nothing short of excruciating. But when I held her in my arms, the pain was forgotten. It’s like I had amnesia. I really can’t describe what labour pains are like.

Nothing prepared me for the feeling of seeing and holding my baby in my arms for the first time. It’s like having your heart exist outside your body.

I wanted to give her the world on a plate.

I am the youngest in my family so I am a bit spoiled.

Now as I held my daughter in my arms, I changed an instant. I now had someone else to put before me. I was in a sense reborn – a mother.

I was responsible for another human being – someone helpless and reliant on me. I would be responsible for her growing into an individual with character.

I cannot explain the feeling of holding my daughter in my arms. I was possessive of her, I wanted to protect her from every harm in the world, I wanted to show her off to everyone, I wanted to keep her hidden and enjoy her myself.

I used to sleep like a baby – nothing would wake me. Now I would wake if she made even the slightest movement.

I used to be so particular about the way I dressed, my hair, make up, clothes and shoes. I had different earrings for different outfits. Now, I wore none in case they scratched her tender skin. I wore no heels, lest I fall when carrying her. It didn’t matter now that my favourite dress had baby drool on it.

I could not wait for her to grow older so I could play with her. I wanted to teach her everything I knew and then some. I wanted to give her everything I had and then some.

Most of all I loved her beyond anything (and still do).

I was a mum, fumbling sometimes, using trial and error to get it perfect. I don’t think it was always perfect, but I can say I tried my best and still do.

I now have two more children and each time I held them in my  arms for the first time, I fell instantly in love. I have been through some difficult births with the last being particularly traumatic where I cardiac arrested on the delivery table and lay in the ITU unconscious for 7 days.

There is no book, no one that can really prepare you for the awesome feeling of motherhood. Life is truly reborn the moment you become a mother.

Everyone has a special moment from when they heard the news, or how it made them feel – and the JOHNSON’S® Baby brand wants to hear yours by tweeting with #LifeIsReborn!

Throughout my children’s journey of life there has been one constant brand that featured which is Johnsons Baby. I used and still use their products for my children – their No Tears shampoo, their baby bath and their powder. The scent of the products are what I will always associate with a baby…with my baby.

I feel safe using the Johnsons baby products because I have used them again and again and they have never let me down. It’s the only thing I would trust with my baby’s soft skin. It is something that has come down the generations as my mother used it when I was my siblings and I were little.

It is nice to know that while my life changed drastically when I had children, the one thing that remained constant was Johnsons Baby.

I would love to hear about your moment so please leave a comment below and don’t forget to share on Twitter using #LifeIsReborn

 Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post. I wrote it because I wanted to chronicle the memories that JOHNSON’S® Baby help me relive

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