From A Daughter to Her Mum – #LilStreamTeam

There is no greater present that I can ask for on Mother’s Day than the love of my children – cuddles in bed and snuggling up the rest of the day spending our time doing nothing special except sharing the love. (and watching Netflix of course)

Yes, it’s nice to receive presents and this year I received quite a few bits and pieces and knowing that they were specially chosen meant more to me than anything.


I also received handmade cards which I love more than the shop bought ones as they are from the heart.

This year Ethan wrote this in the card and that’s all that matters to me –


Then, the children were asked to take over the Netflix Stream team for Mother’s Day and Jadyn wrote me the most beautiful poem ever –

mother's day poem

I asked her if she wanted to be part of the #LilStreamTeam and she jumped at the chance. She even designed it (purple being her favourite colour and slowly becoming mine too).

We all enjoy watching Netflix on our Smart TV as it’s so easy to connect to it.

And on being asked why they love Netflix, here are their answers –

Aeryn – she loves My Little Pony and Care Bears and Peppa Pig and Barbie and Pocoyo and Strawberry Shortcake and….I had to stop her there.

Ethan is smarter and says there are many series for boys like Lego Ninjago etc and he has his own profile.

Jadyn sums it all up and said – “What’s not to love about Netflix?”

Well said!!


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