Freshen Up for Fresh Week

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am privileged to be part of the Tefal Innovation Panel thanks to Mumsnet, where I have had a chance to meet so many wonderful people and exchange ideas and recipes.

Tefal UK has come up with the brilliant plan of making everyone sit up and take notice and perhaps try and pledge to just 1 week of ditching the processed food and starting meals from scratch. To some, this may be alarming but I have already tried it (a few times) in the past few weeks and it has not been so hard to find alternatives.



I have made my pledge with Tefal UK and   it would be lovely for many more families to join in and take up the challenge of making meals from scratch. By signing up, you may also get lucky and win yourself a Tefal Fresh Express (believe me- it’s worth winning) and a Riverford veg box and fruit.

To kick start our week, Tefal UK sent us a lovely Riverford Organic Vegetable and Fruit Box that contained a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

My typical week is made up of busy mornings with everyone getting ready and going off to school and work. I make a packed lunch for my husband and daughter and since I have to get all three children ready to go and drop her off, I have very little time to cook breakfast. I try sometimes but most of the time it is cereal or porridge which while being healthy may not compare to a breakfast cooked  The packed lunch usually includes processed meat and I add some salad to ease my guilty conscience! Dinners in the evening are homecooked mainly but there are occasions when I do fry up some frozen food for the children. They love it – obviously, and so do I, for the ease of preparation.

I enjoy cooking but every time I begin cooking there is always someone wanting something and I do not like being interrupted as I kind of lose track and then I don’t do justice to my cooking.

For Fresh Week, I decided I would come up with some easy recipes for breakfast and packed lunch and some slightly more challenging ones for dinner overlooking the interruptions and the calls for juice, water, biscuits, fruit, ‘where’s my homework?’ not to mention fighting over TV channels, what games to play and it goes on and on.

Well, it is a challenge after all!!

Here are some of the recipes that I shall be trying so be sure to come by and visit everyday to view my creations as I chop, slice, grate and cook my way to a healthier way of life…


Cereal with chopped fruit and walnut

Fruit and yogurt

Spicy scrambled egg

Mushroom and cheese omelette

Spring onion pancakes

Black gram curry with steamed rice flour



Egg and rocket sandwiches

Mozzarella and basil wraps

Cucumber and tomato sandwiches

Tuna and tomato served with couscous

Asparagus soup with croutons

Tarka Dal and home-made potato parathas



Chicken curry and Pulao rice with aubergine

Beef Bhuni (an Anglo-Indian dish) and Dal

Chilli con Carne with Chinese rice wine

Chicken and Vegetable Stew

Chicken drumsticks and Fries served with a Salad

Hot and sour soup and Chicken and vegetable noodles

Grilled fish with beetroot salad



Lassi ( a yogurt drink)

Fruit salad

Apple crumble

Mini Victoria sponges


Writing out this meal plan has made me really hungry and I am looking forward to making these dishes throughout Fresh Week.

Don’t forget to go and make your pledge and get lucky by winning a Fresh Express.

Click on this link to enter


Do also visit the other members of the Tefal Innovation Panel for more recipe ideas

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