Frantics – The New PlayLink Game from PlayStation®4: Review

We love playing Knowledge is Power on the new PlayLink mode introduced by PlayStation®4 and we had also had a sneak peek of Frantics last year at the PlayStation family event and we couldn’t wait for the release of the game.

The game is played by downloading an app on your phone (iOS or Android) and your phone is then used as a controller, similar to Knowledge is Power.

How to play

There are 3 game modes in the game –

Fox’s Party

Mini games

Custom Session

In the Fox’s Party mode, you play a series of mini-games and at the end of each game the winner gets a crown. Collect the most crowns and you are the winner of the Grand Finale. While playing the mini-games there are also coins to collect and these come in handy later and you can buy more crowns to be crowned the winner. There is also a pass the bomb bonus where you hold the bomb and earn points for it but make sure to pass it before it explodes. Just another way of ensuring that your opponents don’t win.

The Mini games mode has 15 mini games that you can choose to play individually. There are games like Chair Riots, Ickle Pickle, Friendless Runner and more. Basically they are games that you will encounter within the Party mode but you can choose to play these as and when you like.

In the Custom Session mode, you can create your own selection of 4 mini games to play or choose from a variety of pre-set options like racing, brawl or diplomacy pack.

We received this lovely mailer from PlayStation®4 and sat down to play Frantics while munching on the delicious cookies.

Our thoughts on the game –

The game is hectic and loads of fun and we enjoyed playing it. It’s fast-paced and you really need to be on-the-ball to win. We were in splits of laughter as we tried to pass the bomb and ensure that we were not the ones blowing up. I’m afraid I didn’t do very well and lost miserably. Jadyn managed to win most rounds as well as get crowns in the auction as she collected the most coins. Sneaky little miss!

You do have to listen carefully to instructions and follow them as well as be sneaky and turn on your friends – very foxy indeed.

We also love Mr Fox – and his patronising voice.

The fact that you don’t need controllers for the game other than the initial sign in to the PS4 makes it great for playing with friends when they are over.

Frantics is a great way to get all the family involved in a fun evening of hilarious challenges.

You can download Frantics from the PlayStation®4 store and it is priced at £15.99

I was sent a copy of the game to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


One thought on “Frantics – The New PlayLink Game from PlayStation®4: Review

  1. I had no idea what Frantics was until I read Jacinta’s blog, but what a well-written article. Jacinta writes in a descriptive style, with informative explanations and good use of imagery and a wonderful sense of humour. Mr Fox and we are pleased to recommend as a must-read blog for your next coffee break. Next blog pls!! 🙂

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