Foraging Fun with Fruit Shoot

We had quite recently gone on a rock climbing fun event with Fruit Shoot. In fact, now that I think of it, it was during half term so not quite so recently. This time, we’ve got together with Fruit Shoot again for another fun activity. We went foraging.

Now, I’m totally new to foraging and being new, I tend to worry about picking up the wrong thing. But Fruit Shoot sent us a wonderful hamper to help us get it right and of course we had lots of Fruit Shoots to keep us hydrated on the way.

We found loads of blackberry bushes and we picked a few but they were all unripe still so we had to plan for something else. Also, it came down to rain so we had to abandon our foraging tour.


However, being inspired by the foraging outing, we decided to get a few ingredients for our own mix and we know this is going to be delicious.

I also have some great tips by Fergus Drennan, Foraging Expert.

We’ve also come up with our very own flavour – Foraged Fruits

It was great to be able to do this with the children as they were actually able to see how the fruits grow on trees and how they look at different stages instead of only seeing the shop versions. We will definitely be doing more of this as it was so much fun. I SO want to try my hand at making jam.

Here are some more images of the day –


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