Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips – Review

We all know that you’re overloaded with sweets at Halloween. But don’t forget the savoury can be just as delicious. These Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips are the perfect Halloween snack.

The Food Should Taste Good™ range is free from preservatives, artificial flavours and colouring and each tortilla chip has ingredients baked in for a well rounded taste. They are also baked in a high oleic sunflower oil which contains healthier unsaturated fats.1 Better still, they’re gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians – an inclusive snack bound to bring all foodies together!

So, whether you’re hoping to pack a punch at a dinner party or simply looking to jazz up a night in with your partner, food tastes better when shared with those you love.

The range comes in three tasty variants for your snacking pleasure which makes for some great pairings:

Blue Corn

Traditionally used in Mexican cooking, blue corn’s subtle and delicately sweet flavour creates a fantastic snack. Blue Corn is perfectly paired with your favourite Guacamole or alongside a fiery plate of chilli. Why not liven things up with a citrus flavoured craft beer or cider?


Flax, sunflower, quinoa and sesame seeds add to the distinctively nutty flavour of this crisp, making it a snack that can be enjoyed on its own or with your favourite dip. Try with hummus or even top the tortilla chips with sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil for a take on the classic Bruschetta which pairs nicely with a glass of dry white wine.

Sweet Potato

A craveable crisp with sweet and salty crunch, these Sweet Potato tortilla chips are delightfully crisp and baked with sophistication. For something a little different, try these with a fresh fruit salsa made with pineapple or a creamy caramelised onion and garlic dip. Best paired with a sweet Reisling or, for those colder months, a bold Merlot. The fruity flavours are a great match for the crisps’ sweet and salty taste!

What we thought

They were perfect with dips and were delicious. In fact the kids sat and finished a whole bag while watching telly. They were that great. The chips were crunchy and blue corn was particularly nice.

The bags are priced at £2.19 (150g) and are available at Tesco nationwide.

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