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I love books and reading is my favourite pastime. I have also made it a point that my children love to read as I feel that books can help in so many ways. Besides giving one knowledge, books help in writing and take you to places that you may never visit and also transport you to magical lands.


I buy my children books all the time as I always had books as presents when I was a child and still have books from my childhood. Being a teacher by profession, I realise the necessity of a child inculcating goor reading habits. It is really a great thing when you hear own child read a full sentence on her own.

I also know that proper nutrition is the key to not only physical but also cognitive development and I am strict with my children’s diet.

It is astonishing to know that many children do not read not because they cannot but because they suffer from malnourishment. Here is the Food for Thought Report published by Save the Children.



In June, the UK will be holding a  nutrition summit in London ahead of the G8 and as part of the IF campaign Save the Children are calling on world leaders to take action on this issue.

A number of high profile authors including Julia Donaldson. Eric Carle and Phillip Pullman have agreed to support the Food For Thought Report with an open letter to the G8 leaders.

This report forms a part of the IF campaign where 170 charities have joined together to call for the G8 to take action on World Hunger. The world already produces enough foof for everyone so why are some people especially children not getting enough?

Join in and sign the  petition to support the Campaign.

BritMums is also hosting a Twitter Party  today 28th May between 1-2 pm BST to support Save the Children to highlight the need for good nutrition for proper cognitive development and I will be attending. It will be great if my readers could also attend and be a part of this campaign.

You can read more case studies conducted by Save the Children here


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