First Glimpse of The Robin at London Zoo

The children love going to London Zoo and inspite of the fact that we have been several times, they never tire of it.

This time we were off to meet the Robin. No, we didn’t head all the way there just to see a robin. We see those in our garden.


It was an extra special type of Robin – one that the children identify totally with.

The Robin from EE.

You’ve definitely heard of EE as being a network provider in the UK. Well, they recently launched the Robin – a 4G tablet (a real one) for children.

We were invited to London Zoo for a demo and lunch and to meet some rather interesting birds and see Santa! Whew!

And to get a Robin to bring home too!

A win-win day surely!


The Robin – the kids were hooked immediately and honestly didn’t need a demo. I needed one. It’s amazing how quickly children are able to get sorted with these things. Though I have to say that the Robin is an easy interface to play on too. In minutes the children were enthralled with the tablet and were fighting for turns.

The Robin works on Android systems so there’s Google Play for all your downloads. There is the Kurio area where the kids apps and games are loaded and it is very easy for them to download and play on different apps without the scare of always being safe online.

It also comes with Hopster where the children can watch different children’s entertainments series.

You can set up different profiles for your children and then customise them to their ages.

It has an 8GB capacity and that can be increased with a memory card if you require.

It also comes with a rubber case that helps in keeping it hardy.


What I like about the Robin is that as a parent I have full control and I rest easy knowing that the children are safe online. I shall be writing a more in depth review soon so please do come back to know how we are getting on.

We went off for a wander around the zoo and then came back for a delicious lunch with mince pies for dessert – Yum!


We then met two amazing birds  – an owl and a kestral.



And then – the children got to meet Santa in his Grotto.



It was a fantastic day for all of us and the icing on the cake was of course getting the Robin to bring home. Since it is 4G enabled, you can also play on it in the car or when out and about.

There are various plans available for Pay Monthly as well as an upfront cost of £129.99 to buy in full. I think the Robin will make a wonderful present for children for Christmas.

Disclaimer: I was invited to London Zoo for a day out with my children and given a Robin to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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