First Day at Nursery – A Mother’s View

This has been a week of firsts for me. This is about the first of them. 🙂


On Tuesday, my little one started nursery and while I  may have been looking forward to the 2 hours (I can’t count the time spent going and coming to school) of completely ME time, I may have misjudged how much I would miss her.

I was terrified that she would miss me as she can be quite clingy but she was always talking about school and ready to go.

The day came and she looked so grown up in her uniform. My baby.

I didn’t really want to leave her hand at the classroom door. Perhaps I held on just a bit longer than she did.

She ran in and didn’t look back. Of course it may have helped that I told her that I would be outside the gate reading. 🙂

There were no tears – at least from her.

Myself  – a different story. I walked away slightly teary but happy that she seemed adjusted already.

I wondered if she would manage to tell the teacher if she needed the loo (my biggest worry).

Would she be hungry? Was she cold or hot? Would she make friends?

She turned 3 in June so she would be among the youngest in the class.

She’s my baby, the youngest in the house.

Was she crying?

I didn’t need to worry – she was fine. No tears at all and when I picked her up, she had two stamps on each hand  – one for tidying up and one for listening and sitting on the carpet.

Tentatively, I asked her if she was ready to go back the next day.

She was and more importantly happy to do so.

My little girl – at Nursery.

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