Fidget Toys from Zuru – Review

The weather may be foul but it is the summer vacation and most children don’t like to be cooped up at home for long.

You may have braved the weather and decided to take a trip within the UK. (I’m not talking about the ones enjoying sunnier climes elsewhere!)

Or maybe  I am.

This is not another weather hating post. It’s al about how I kept the kids busy on a long-ish train journey thanks to fidget toys from Zuru.


We were sent the fidget cube and this is something that Jadyn has been wanting for some time now. As you may know, the fidget cube is – here’s more information…

Created by brothers Mark and Matthew McLachlan of Antsy Labs, Fidget CubeTM’s original Kickstarter pledge goal of a modest US $15,000 (UK £11,700) quickly became a global viralsensation, attracting more than 150,000 individual backers which raised an astonishing US $6.4 million (UK £4.9million)!

Although some teachers and parents have reported that fidget toys can be a distraction for certain kids, Fidget CubeTM was originally designed to help adults and kids relieve stress whilst increasing focus and productivity.

Whilst there have not been any conclusive studies on the benefits of fidget toys, many people feel they do relieve workplace stress and can be a helpful tool for children. It’s thought that kids with special needs such as autism and other sensory disorders, in particular, can benefit from the use of sensory toys and activities to allow them to focus and concentrate on learning or another activity without disruption.

Specifically created for restless hands, the six-sided desk toy, which comes in eight different colours is equipped with an array of addictive features including five clicker buttons (two of which are silenced so you won’t annoy people!) a switch to flick up and down, and a side in the design of a gaming joystick to enjoy the unusually satisfying gliding action.

I think that as long as these toys are played with outside the classroom, they are great. And particularly great for journeys.

We were also sent the fidget spinner and Zuru has an innovative design of high quality ball bearings that ensures smoother spinning, twirling and fidgeting.


Ethan enjoyed this one he spent quite some time watching it spin and trying new techniques.

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