Fib and you grow a nose – Fibber,the board game:Review

The other day, I came to know that Jadyn had been lying to me….her nose had grown to ridiculous lengths!

Fib 4

 And apparently, Ethan had been lying as well.


I always teach my children to tell the truth but this is the first time I have had to continue to let them  lie!

And everybody knows – You fib… your nose grows!!

The rules of the game are simple in the new Fibber game from SpinMaster toys.


The children were just thrilled with the game. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Pinocchio for a while and you don’t even have to worry about getting eaten by a whale.

I endorse playing board games completely. It ensures the family gets together and switches off technology for a bit and it’s just pure unadulterated fun. These moments are treasured moments and I believe bring the family closer together.

If you have been reading my blog you will notice that I recently posted about another board game from Spinmaster called ‘Who’s behind the door?’ and we loved it. Well, we also loved Fibber.

How is the game played?

Well the idea is to fib and not get caught.


The game includes:

A board

4 pairs of eye glasses (the kids found the oversized version hilarious – so much nicer than being a normal size)

11 noses

24 cards

All you need to do is play the cards in order and if you find that you don’t have it – fib. If you get caught – well you obviously grow a longer nose. If you think your opponent is fibbing, ask him to reveal his cards. If he is, he needs to add a nose. If he is not, well, you should have trusted him in the first place, you add a nose to yours.


The cards have pictures of a witch, bigfoot, an alien, a ghost, a dragon and there is also a wild card. There are four of each of these. The game starts with a person saying ‘ I saw bigfoot’ and carries on in that order while matching the cards to the board. The game ends when there are no noses left and the player with the least number of noses wins. Someone has to be rewarded for telling fewer lies, isn’t it?

I found the game really delightful. There is nothing that delights me more than the laughter of my children and the game had them in fits of giggles especially when Daddy had the most noses. Hmmm…a Fibber…I must look into it more closely. 😉

There are two ways of playing the game -one for younger children and one which involves a little more thought. All instructions are very clearly given. Both are quite easy to follow and play. Ethan who is 5 found it quite easy to pick up.

The quality of the game like others I have had from SpinMaster is excellent although I felt the board could have been of stronger cardboard. However, since it is aimed at children aged 7+ years, it is a way of getting them to be careful with it and not tearing it.

I like that the game is not too long as children tend to get bored if a game carries on too long so the number of noses is just right. If one person keeps getting caught out, it would be difficult to hold all the noses.


I love the oversized glasses – they look quirky and cute. (they may be the next design for my own spectacles!)

The concept is lovely and the game is fun for the entire family. It is for children aged 7+ but I think slightly younger children can also happily take part, as I mentioned that Ethan loves playing it too. It is easy for younger players as there is no reading involved. It can be played by 2 -4 players.

A great game for those long, cold evenings spent indoors. A must have for Christmas.

Disclosure: I was sent the above board game for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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