#FeelGoodSummer with Infusions

The children drink water but there are moments when I need to constantly check with them whether they have drunk enough? Bottled water that is packaged nicely goes down well as does flavoured water of course.

When I look at getting the children flavoured water, I’m a bit cautious as I find that quite a lot of the water has sweeteners or so much flavour that is becomes the same as drinking juice.

This time round however, we were sent some Feel Good Infusions and I found them perfect.

Feel Good Infusions are 100% natural drinks with no added sugar. They are available in the following flavours –

  • Strawberry and Mint
  • Lemon and Elderflower
  • Apple and Rose

I think my personal favourite was the Lemon and Elderflower – but then I love elderflower flavoured drinks in general.

I found the strawberry and mint quite refreshing and the kids loved the apple and rose perhaps because it had a very slightly sweeter flavour.

We were invited to have a #FeelGoodSummer party too where we were sent some other goodies to feel good about. Absolutely loved the face masks.

These Feel Good drinks are all about healthy choices as there is no added sugar in them and you can have great tastes without the guilt.

They are best served  chilled of course and I’m sure that the entire family will love them. They come in handy pet bottles of 400ml and you also have larger bottles of 1L.

The drinks are available at all major retailers but you can check them out here at ASDA and Waitrose.

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