Feel good with salads…

If you have been following my blog, you may have chanced upon an idealist resolution that I made in the New Year – to eat healthy. Obviously healthy eating includes a strict practice of 5-a-day (which recently became 7 or 10, I think) Anyway, I kind of find it hard to maintain the 5!

I am not a salad person. I can pretend to be one for about 1 minute and then the charade ends. Although, on some occasions, when out with my health conscious friends, I may have ordered a salad and then swallowed it without enjoying it.

I do make salads at home but they tend to be the onion, tomato and cucumber ones leaving out the greens. I know I am setting a horrible example for my children but you see they don’t know. Well, they will probably when they read this post but that will probably take some years before they actually hunt it down and by then it will be too late. They would have cultivated a love for greens!!

My daughter on the contrary loves salad and she is all of 9. Keep it up.

My son’s favourite vegetable is broccoli (rolls eyes!!) Good for him!

On a more serious note thought, I do try and encourage them to eat more salads. I also try to convince myself to get eating more greens simply because of healthy options.

When I visit the supermarket, the Florette salad bags always catch my eye. Maybe it’s because they always look so attractive and fresh. Our favourite is the Crispy Peppery. (yes I do eat a salad now and again!) I like the taste of rocket too.


I have never tried using a salad as a main meal by adding meat but with summer around the bend, I think I shall have to start including more salads into our meals.

Do come back often to see how I get on with my salad meals. Hopefully, they will make me feel good!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Florette.


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