Feel Alive!

What does being alive mean to me? Well, after this death experience, it means everything.

To embrace each day as maybe the last – that’s called living.

To me, being alive is having good health and enjoying time with my family.


To be able to laugh at the littlest of things.

To get wet in the rain.

To jump in puddles with my little one.

To see dolphins.


To relax with a glass of red or white…

To kiss my children goodnight.

To wake up in the morning thankful for another day even if it’s early in the morning because the children are excited it’s the weekend!!

To bake with them.

To cook with them.

To stop and smell the roses.

To stop and watch the squirrels scamper in the grass.

To live each day to the full because you never know which one will be your last…



I do know that the most important thing in life is good health. With life as it is, one has to monitor one’s health especially as one gets older. That’s not saying that the children don’t also have to look after their health too.

As part of our daily health regime, I ensure that we all take multivitamins and it has become a routine now.


We were sent some multivitamins from Alive for myself, Hubs and the children.

The adult vitamins contain over 21 minerals and vitamins with 100% of the daily dose.

Where Hubs and I are concerned, we both found that after taking the vitamins for only a week, we were less tired and even though we were not running miles, we were more active in general. I didn’t find myself falling asleep on my feet at 9 pm. Really helpful when I need to be blogging late into the night.

The children at first didn’t really take to the taste  as they were used to the jelly ones but after about a week, they started to enjoy them and now like them. I found that there were less colds and coughs around and this is why I will continue to give them these.



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