My Favourite Flower – The White Rose

I love flowers. Who doesn’t? They bring so much colour and beauty to everything.

It doesn’t matter if they are part of a well-tended garden or they are part of the wild – they are all beautiful.

I was asked what my favourite flower is and I was at a loss to pick one from several. I would have to say it’s the rose. But it’s not just any rose because I’m not really a fan of the red rose. Instead, I love the white rose.

That’s not a photo taken by me but you its pretty near perfect for me.

I know the white rose is normally symbolic with sympathy and is a part of funerals. But to me, the white rose is a symbol of the purity of love. Unconditional love – that is pure in it’s giving.

Yes, I made sure that the white roses were part of the funerals of my parents and while to others they may have been a symbol of sympathy, to me – represented undying love.

I also tend to prefer the lesser opened rose – don’t know if you get what I mean? I don’t like them in full bloom and opened fully. I like the ones that are in partial bloom. I think they look most beautiful then.

I have recently been tending to my garden and have planted several plants – one of them this rather unusual rose bush that has two-toned flowers.

Apart from the white rose, I also like orchids. This simple looking flower has long since symbolised luxury. I think it has to do with the fact that they are quite elusive. To me they represent elegance and charm and I love them.

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