Father’s Day Gift Guide

What do you get a person who has everything – Namely you and the children! 🙂 I guess that’s enough. But then, I wouldn’t have a post to write.

It’s that time of year again – Father’s Day! 21st of June.

Do we need a special day to remind us how important fathers are in our lives? Some may say not while to some the day is vital.

I think that these days are great to be able to do something special to thank Dad for the always being there. We should do it everyday but let’s face with – the lives we lead leave us with little or no time.

Here are my top buys for Father’s Day –


Most fathers like to visit the gym or go running. Why not get him a lovely pair of trainers from Sportsshoes.com? There is a huge range of shoes from well known brands and you will be spoilt for choice. We have the Asics Gel Kayano Shoes and Hubs just loves it. In fact, after wearing these, his old trainers seem quite uncomfortable.



Looking for Father’s Day gifts for him?At the end of the day, most Dads just like to relax in front of the telly. What could be better than getting him this ‘Mr’cushion from Qwerkity? It’s quirky and comfortable. And with the ‘Mr’ on it, it definitely has his stamp on it.

Hubs enjoys relaxing against it and watching telly or just chilling after work. It is soft and yet it does not get squished. Perfect for the sofa. Plus, there are a whole lot of other gifts for other occasions too. Do check out the site. You will definitely find something you need.



Nothing can beat memories and nothing gets better than giving Dad a photo gift of memories of the part year. It could be a photo book, a mug or even a key chain – there’s something to suit every budget. TruPrint has it all covered.



Have you given Dad everything you can think of – socks, keychains, mugs? Then here is one that is perfect for you and the home or the car. Heaven Fresh has a range of air purifiers that can be used for people with allergies, viruses or colds. What can be a better gift than one of healthier air?

Me & Dad Cream Frame (1)

What could be better than giving Dad a framed picture of himself and you? Oscar’s Boutique has this rather pretty photo frame perfect for Father’s Day. There are also some beautiful plaques that Dad can hang in his office.


And if you children really want to spend their own pocket money then I’m sure Dad will just love this Terry’s chocolate orange. You can’t have Father’s Day without chocolate and besides he may just share a segment or two with you. Available at retailers nationwide.


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