Fancy Dress Costumes – Why We Can Never Have Enough?

It’s coming up to Halloween and the best part of it is dressing up. The children love dressing up of course and they don’t really need Halloween to do it.

I am constantly on the lookout for fancy dress costumes for the children and I saw some lovely ones in Tesco. No child can have enough dressing up costumes, I think – action figures, Disney princesses, witches, Roald Dahl characters  – you name it and the children have them.

Perhaps it has to do with school event days where the children are asked to dress up like Roald Dahl day which I absolutely adore as it also gives me a chance to educate them about this wonderful author and his stories. Last year Ethan went as Willy Wonka and he did look rather spiffy and Jadyn looked lovely as a Witch from The Witches.

Then, there is World Book Day when the children get to choose a favourite book and dress up as a character from it and the obvious choices are Princesses and we push the action figure bit by getting Ethan a Spiderman book. But then there’s always Harry Potter which both the children adore and I hope to get them these for the next World Book Day.

I cannot complain about getting them fancy dress costumes as I do enjoy seeing them all dressed up. And since they also play at dressing up at home, it’s not just the one off that they use it so it’s not a waste.

Though I normally look at costumes for children, this year it may be a bit different as we have been invited to a Halloween Party and I may decide to dress up too. Maybe I should go as a witch or vampire?

For the children, I don’t do very scary costumes as I stick to witches and wizards. They would probably get scared if they looked in the mirror anyway!!

I am looking forward to Halloween this year as I am quite excited that I shall also be dressing up with the children. Do come back to visit to see what we’ve been up to.

Right then, off to go and search for some fancy dress costumes.

Disclaimer: Written for Tesco


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