Family Good Times at McDonald’s

The children enjoy eating at McDonald’s and last week we were invited to one of their character events that is part of their #familygoodtimes campaign.

This event was not a blogger event and was open to public eating at McDonald’s. This was a character visit by Gene from The Emoji Movie.

#familygoodtimes at McDonald's

The summer is a great time for family to get together and spend quality time doing things they love. We’ve spent this summer going on days out as we’ve not been away on holiday. Instead, we’ve visited places in the UK and spent more time going on long walks which surprisingly has been loads of fun.

Visiting McDonald’s is always fun for the children as they don’t have to wait long for their food and there’s always something they enjoy on the menu.

This time round, it was even more memorable as the visit from Gene ensured that they could have their picture taken with him. They could also take part in the small games organised by the staff.

Gene also visited each table in turn and spoke to the children which was great.

The children had their picture taken with Gene and they also received special sticker sheets featuring characters from The Emoji Movie.

They were even given certificates to say they met Gene. So much fun!

We had a lovely and memorable family meal of our favourite burgers, fries and drinks. The children polishing off their meal in no time.

Did you know?

McDonald’s has family events such as activity days and character visits to make family visit to their restaurants more memorable.

You can check more about when these events are being held in a restaurant near you –

The incorporation of tablets to keep the children busy also make McDonald’s a go-to place for families.

I personally feel that McDonald’s is such a family friendly restaurant. The quick delivery times, the menu as well as the ambience means that the children have a good time. And obviously when the children are happy, so are the parents.

It was great to be a part of the #familygoodtimes campaign with McDonald’s and we look forward to our next trip there.

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18 thoughts on “Family Good Times at McDonald’s

  1. Ah this looks like they had a fab time! I always find McDonalds so friendly and the staff so helpful. Pickle loves going there as a special treat! Xxx

  2. It might not be a popular view but I love McDonalds. I take my kids to McDonalds and it’s always a massive hit, especially if the tablets are free. I don’t think you can teach a healthy respect for food if you avoid all fast food – everything in moderation I live by.

  3. Looks like a great event and a good excuse to get out as a family and have fun! I didn’t realise they did these events so thank you for sharing the link.

  4. I like to treat my kids to McDonalds every now and then, i do like a burger myself as a treat. I didn’t know some of the stores do events. I will take a look at the link you provided and see if their are any events near me. (Any excuse to eat Maccy D’S!)

  5. What a fun afternoon! I’m not sure my two would like the characters but they are a bit younger. I’ve seen a lot about the emoji movie, so looking forward to seeing it.

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