Family time at Chessington World of Adventures

It’s half-term. The weather seems set to give us some sun at least. What have you got planned?

I have an excellent idea – why don’t you visit Chessington World of Adventures?

cwoa-header-logoI wrote a short while back about the lovely day we spent at Chessington but it was mainly about the new ride called The Scorpion Express. That was not all we enjoyed on the day.  We went on many others and I think all were really great fun.

I liked Chessington World of Adventures because there was something for everyone there and we all had a great time. None of the children felt left out because there were height restrictions because there were so many others to do and most of the rides accommodate little adventurers.


We started of course with The Scorpion Express and this was a ride that was enjoyed by all. The children wanted to go a second time but there were so many other things to do.


From there we went to Bubble Works which was a beautiful ride which held everyone’s attention. So much to see – so many beautiful colours and then the lovely water fountain arches towards the end.

20140405_104651982_iOSWe then headed to Dragon Falls  and we went on it because we thought it was a nice peaceful ride. We sailed along happily and then my heart gave a lurch as we waited at the top of the first falls – the next one was higher! I am not really good with this stomach lurching ride but I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it.


We went in Toadies Crazy cars and all the children wanted to drive which was a bit difficult but they had fun. They quite enjoyed Tiny Truckers as there were two steering wheels for the little ones.


Tuk Tuk turmoil or bumper cars was quite a thrill for Jadyn and Ethan. Aeryn could not go because of the height restrictions but was happy to stay out and munch her cookie.

Jadyn, Ethan and Hubs went into Tomb Blaster and they had – a blast! In fact, Jadyn beat her father at it!


Seastorm was another ride that was quite exhilarating to say the least as we twisted and turned while riding the ‘waves’ in our galleon. I was quite surprised that Aeryn made the height restriction on this one but in the end she enjoyed the ride.

amazu 1We went into Amazu and the children had a great time climbing and going through all the tubes.

Peking Heights gave us a lovely view of the park from high up and since we were all in one pod it was more fun.

carouselAnd yes – we had to ride the carousel too – I mean who ever gives up a ride on the carousel?

zufariWe ended with Zufari and this was a lovely ride. I was quite surprised that Aeryn was not allowed on this one as I did think it was a pretty ‘tame’ ride and I think she would have enjoyed seeing the animals. It was an amazing ride and great to be up close and personal with the animals.

We missed Madagascar Live as we lost track of time and we didn’t go on the Safari Skyway as it wasn’t available that day. Jadyn was also disappointed that we didn’t manage the Flying Jumbos.

animalsChessington World of Adventures is such a family friendly place. The staff is friendly and always ready to help. There is so much to keep the children occupied as there are also the animals and the children enjoyed seeing the tigers and the lions and the chimpanzees.

There is also a Children’s Zoo where children can pet the animals.


I find Chessington World of Adventures is excellent value for money. There are so many rides and on the day that we visited the queues were not that long. We did have fast track tickets for some rides but we didn’t even need to use them for some.

Each of the lands has restaurants and restrooms so one needn’t walk far if you are hungry or need the toilet. There are also convenient snack outlets around to get refills of drink or to have a snack.


We were also lucky enough to win this giraffe at one of the stalls (like a fairground game where one had to basket a ball) and it was quite easy to win this one. I saw quite a lot of people walking around with their toy winnings which was nice to see as usually it is quite difficult to beat the odds and get a toy.

Chessington World of Adventures has a special offer of Early bird tickets for £24 per person. Children under 0.9 m go in free. There is also a Rainy Day Guarantee and you can read more about that here. The park is also well connected to different modes of transport so it is fairly easy to get there.

I would definitely recommend visiting with the family.

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. I just felt I ought to share our wonderful day with my readers. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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