Family Matters at Christmas

Family –  its not simple. The nuclear family exists but the extended family has such an important part to play too even if it’s only in essence.

Family relations now extend to all the half-brothers and sisters as well as the step-siblings. It’s getting bigger instead of smaller and we want to have a good relationship with everyone especially with Christmas looming. It’s normally a time when families put aside their differences and share the love. To me that’s the magic of Christmas.

Even the best of families have their differences and problems and it’s never smooth sailing – in fact that’s what makes families so unique. In the time of trouble there are always people to help. Sometimes all that is required is help from a friend or another family member. However, sometimes there is more needed to be done and in these cases there may be a requirement for counselling or guidance. provides excellent guidance on these matters

There are things like bereavement and divorce that one does not like talking about but are part and parcel of life. These times are hard and sometimes family is not able to support you. You never recover from the death of a loved one but learn to live without them in your life. Though they are gone, they are never forgotten.

Christmas is that time of year when we remember our loved ones who are far away from us or gone to their final place of rest and it can be a sad time of year amidst the happiness of the season. There are families who are also in the midst of separation and divorce and this can have a devastating impact on all concerned especially the children.

My favourite family moment especially at this time of the year is having all the family together sharing a Christmas lunch. Unfortunately we are all in different parts of the world and my mum has passed away too but it’s nice to know that we have memories that are happy and we can look back on and smile.

In a survey conducted it was found

• 49% of over 2000 people surveyed consider their relationship with their family to be ‘very good’.

• 27% of people surveyed defined family as ‘whoever you choose it to be.’

• 15% of people we surveyed have at least one step-sibling.

• 42% of people we surveyed have required legal assistance in family law.

What is your idea of family and Christmas?

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