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On the 11th of November, we visited ZSL Whipsnade Zoo  as part of’s Britain’s Best Days Out Campaign in association with Tots100 and it will certainly be a day to remember. Moneysupermarket promotes Family Days Out and this was an enjoyable family outing for all of us.
Whipsnade Zoo is situated in Bedfordshire and though it is not a Safari Park as most people think, it is a widespread zoo where there are many animals. Whipsnade is home to over  200 species of animals and is the biggest zoo in the United Kingdom. The drive from Isleworth to Bedfordshire was lovely and it is very scenic around that area. The weather gods were also kind to us and it was a lovely sunny day.


Up close and personal
You will definitely need transport inside the park. It has a train – the Jumbo Express – that takes you around from one area to the next but on this occasion, the train was not running as it was out of season. We took our car in, instead, and it was great as we managed to get up close and personal with the animals in the Passage to Asia area.

We had a wonderful day with the children enjoying getting an up close view of so many animals. We saw rhinos, lions, meerkats, deer, camels, pygmy hippos, cheetahs, chimpanzees, giraffes and seals. The children were thrilled with the red panda. The lions were spending a lazy day and they were massive.
The meerkats through to form were up on their hind legs and it was amusing to see that when one stood up all the rest stood to attention too. The kids had a good laugh.


There are many free roaming animals like the mara and marmosets. There were many new beginnings for a few species in 2012 in Whipsnade with the birth of a giraffe, red pandas, a pygmy hippo, cheetah cubs, moose and a hand reared wallaby.
We had packed a picnic of sandwiches and crisps so we had a superb lunch on top of a hill in the Passage to Asia area.


Picnic atop the hill
Whipsnade also has a great indoor play area called Hullabazoo which is in the Children’s Farm so the children had some playtime there. It is a soft play area for children designed after different animal habitats. There is also seating for adults and drinks and food available within. This is an extremely popular attraction and is on a first come first served basis, and only accommodates a limited number at a time so you need to get there early in the day if it is something you don’t want to miss.
There is a place called Lookout Lodge within the premises for the ultimate zoo experience. This allows you to stay in one of the 8 lodges which come with dinner and a hot breakfast. With the spectacular views and the wildlife around you this is a great short break for the family.
Family Days Out  with the children are a time for the family to take a day off and spend quality time together. If you are planning a day out do visit for Days Out Vouchers
We had a wonderful day and all thanks to and Tots100.



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