Facts! One for Every Day – Book Review

We love reading and we look forward to books we can review. When we were invited to review Facts! One for Every Day by Tracey Turner, I quickly replied saying I’d love to.

We love reading different kinds of books and this book seemed perfect for a short read every day. Plus, the fact that we would be learning something new every day made it all the more exciting.

The book has unbelievable but true science facts, funny animals, incredible statistics and also adds an ‘On This Day’ section.

Did you know for example –

That the ancient Romans used pigeon poo to bleach their hair! 

or that

Ladybirds have poisonous knees

We love this book. We make it a point to read the fact for the day ONLY. It makes it easier to remember as well as it doesn’t take up much time.

It’s also perfect for ‘Show and Tell’ in school and I encourage my children to mention this.

There are pictures to relate to the facts mentioned. I love the ‘Day of the Dead’ illustration.

The children have been looking forward to reading a fact a day and have also been able to recall the facts they’ve read.

It is a perfect present for a birthday or Christmas and imagine your child being 365 facts wiser on completion of the book. In fact, there were some facts that I learned for the first time too.

The target age is 4 – 8 but even older children will benefit from reading the book.

It is a lovely hard cover book and the pages being differently covered make it attractive to children.

The book is priced at £12.99 and is available at Amazon

I was sent this book to review and compensated for the time taken to write this review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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