Factors to consider when purchasing a home security system

Are you thinking of purchasing and installing a home security system? Here are some factors you need to consider first.

As much as it is not good to panic over the state of your personal and home security, the FBI statistics on burglary are shocking – they report that an average of two million homes are broken into every year in the United States. To put it in perspective, someone is breaking into another person’s home every thirteen seconds.

To avoid being on the receiving end of such incidents, it is very important to invest in a home security system, as well as taking extra measures. However, with so many systems in the market, it is easy to get confused on what to choose – after all, you do not want to waste your money buying something that is not working for you. Here are therefore some important factors to consider in a proper security system that will protect your family and property.

 Protection devices for assets protect your valuables as well

If you want to know when your valuables are being tampered with, there is a device that takes care of that. They work by alerting you when situations happen, such as a jewelry box being opened by an unauthorized person, paintings being removed from their place, or when safes have been tampered with – regardless of whether there is physical evidence or not.

These devices will assist you in many ways – not only in preventing theft, but also in promoting your peace of mind and total protect home warranty covers. For instance, they can alert you when someone comes into your home, even if it is someone you hired for a specific purpose, and lets you know if they have interfered with your things. As you think about protecting your valuables, think about the number of devices you require.


A security system should operate even in power outages

It is a major concern among homeowners, as they may rightly wonder how the system is powered. However, no matter what system you choose, you should note that they can operate even when there is no electricity.

Traditional systems are usually low voltage, and that implies they do not require high amounts of power to run. They also tend to contain large batteries that act as backup in case the main power source is out.

We live in the age of green energy, so solar powered systems can be another type to consider. They can have one component only, such as outdoor security cameras, or you can choose to have the whole system to run on solar energy. Even though they are more expensive to install, they are good options to have when you want to reduce your environmental footprint.

Note that burglar alarms are not security systems

Sounds strange, but it is actually true – they are not the same. In fact, they bear major differences from each other.

A home security system will give you greater benefits when it comes to protecting your home and family, and it is definitely the better investment. It is however important to understand the details of what you are getting before signing up and how the system operates.

Burglar alarms only serve as traditional alarm systems that have sensors on the windows and doors. They will alert you, or nearby law enforcement officers, that there is an intruder in your home. As much as this is beneficial, a home security system can even warn you about potential environmental dangers as well.

Size matters

Even though certain security companies will tell you that there is only one type of security system for everyone, which is not necessarily true. The truth is you can get several varieties and sizes, and they can be customized to fit your individual requirements. This may cost more, but the security this gives you will be higher, simply because it fits with your way of life and your home.

If you live in a small home or an apartment, a small system is fine. However, if your home is large, you will require larger systems that can efficiently handle greater levels of monitoring and information – including the grounds, all the rooms, and windows.

Choose an affordable system

You do not need to break your wallet all in the name of boosting security. Even on limited budgets, you can still have a functional system.

You may want to choose a traditional burglar system, as this will provide you with alerts on any intruders coming through your windows and doors. Even though it is not the most advanced option, it still gives you enough protection for your family and your home.

If you are working with a larger budget, you can go for a more sophisticated system that has more features and is larger. For instance, it could have emergency personnel contacts, fire alarm, or intruder alerts, as well as devices for asset protection.

Keep in mind the installation process is different

The type of system you buy will determine the installation process. Traditional wired systems require installation by professionals, as they will require some drilling in your walls that will connect main alarm system to the sensors.

However, wireless systems are easier to fix in your home, since they do not need drilling. They usually use power batteries as their power sources, while others use solar power.

The company you purchase the system from will also determine the installation process, as some companies need to connect your system directly to their personnel. When you are purchasing, ensure you know all the details involved in the installationsthat you are prepared for any eventualities.

Choose the provider carefully

Now that you know the installation process, make sure you choose your provider carefully. The first thing you need to know is how long they have been in business, and the minimum standard should be one that has at least ten years of experience. In addition, ensure they use modern, updated equipment.

It is also good to think about the distance between the monitoring location and your home – it should not be greater than 250 miles. Otherwise, it may take too long for the provider to respond in case of anything.

Final thoughts

Before you decide on a security system, it is good to conduct some research and look at various factors. Do not just spend money on a system for the sake of spending – make sure you choose one that is worth your money and effective.

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