eZee Beads from John Adams – Review

The children love creating things and products like this keep them busy as well as tap into their creativity.


I was sent this eZee Garden Bugs and Flowers Beads set to review and Aeryn was thrilled to be able to make her own bugs.

The concept is eZee 🙂

You take one of the templates and place it under the transparent square and then place the beads according to the colours on it.

For little ones this may be a bit fiddly but with practice it gets better and I think it is great for motor development as they learn to be precise and handle small things.

ezee beads

She managed to complete this dragonfly on her own completely and it was a great achievement for her to have had no instructions  from me.

She also created the caterpillar.

The instructions are clear and precise and easy to follow. It is a great product to keep children occupied and there is no mess involved at all. Well, maybe a bit – if they get carried away with the spraying. 🙂

The eZee beads Garden Bugs and Flowers Set is priced at £4.99 and is good value for money. It comes with 400 different colours beads.

There are also other sets in the range like The eZee Beads large sets (SSP £9.99) which are perfect for impressing your friends! Each set includes large designs and over 800 beads. Create beautiful, colourful butterflies with eZee Beads Butterflies or make fun decorations and keyrings for your BFFs with eZee Beads Charms. Step into a fairy tale world with eZee Beads Princesses – which comes complete with two princesses and a castle – or create the horse of your dreams with eZee Beads Ponies.

With eZee Beads 3D Animal Friends (SSP £14.99) animal lovers can create their own 3D pet, with four innovative 3D designs and over 1,200 beads. Animal Friends allows you to make a range of colourful animals including a penguin, a chicks, a fox and even a pink tortoise!

Make something extra special with the eZee Beads Studio Set (SSP £19.99). Complete with carry-case studio, design sheet, bead tool, water sprayer and 10 different bead colours, the Studio Set has everything an eZee Bead lover could possibly need! The studio includes a design sheet to get you started but once you’ve found your feet you can create your own individual creations and let your imagination run wild!

eZee Beads are available at all major retailers.

I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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