#EveryMomentCounts Challenge with Families Online

I’m a firm believer in making every moment count as I feel life is too short. When I was asked to take part in the Every Moment counts challenge with Families Online, I knew that I had to.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter that you don’t achieve great things every day but if you have put a smile on someone’s face in any little way, then you have made a moment count.

We were asked to capture moments with a set theme so here are mine –

Day 1 – Together

One of my favourite photos of all time. My 3 – together.


Day 2 – Tradition

It’s got to be Sunday roast isn’t it? What better tradition is there?


Day 3 – Laughter

Squeals of laughter when you get hit by water balloons.

Day 4 – 3 Things

Three things – This one I’ll interpret as 3 things (beings) I can’t do without. My 3 gorgeous children.

Day 5 – Colourful

My favourite season of the year – Autumn. Nothing can beat the colours of autumn.

Day 6 – LOVE

One of my favourite pictures again. Love is holding your little sister’s hand…


Day 7 – Reflection

My darling girl. I captured this when she was unawares. I wonder what she was reflecting upon. I’m glad whatever it was – it made her smile!


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