Every Little Girl needs a Little Love Baby Talk from VTech : A Review

My baby loves ‘Dollies’. No surprise there. I quite like them myself. Especially ones that repeat after me and ‘learn’. 🙂

Yes, I’m talking about the new doll from Vtech – Little Love Baby Talk


The doll is in fact adorable on its own. She’s lovely and soft and cuddly. The doll wears a little pink suit and has a pink hat. There is a light up bow on her head which tells you when she is ready to ‘learn’.

ll- in the box

The box contains –

  • Little Love Doll with dummy
  • Bottle
  • 3 books

The special feature of this doll is that the more your little one talks to her, the more she learns and repeats. She can develop from an infant to a pre-schooler as your little one talks more to her. Now that is not a problem in my house, as Aeryn is always talking to her.

We started off with Little Love just babbling like a baby and saying ‘Mama’ and she is already beginning to repeat words. The really sweet part is that the doll repeats like a baby at the moment with a lisp and all. I think I’ve been playing too much with her myself.

When you open up the package, the doll needs to be activated to start from newborn so you need to put her dummy in her mouth and remove it. And you are ready to play.

The three buttons have different functions –

learn button


Talk with me – Baby will imitate what you say. You know she is ready to learn when the bow on her head lights up.


read button


Read with me – Read to baby, listen to her read or teach her to read.



caring little love


Caring – Care for Baby by responding to her requests – she may need her dummy or her bottle and will let you know.




Music – Listen to baby sing nursery rhymes



newborn button

If you want to begin the learning process from scratch at any time all you need to do is press the Newborn button again. Much like a reset button but great if you are giving the toy away after you have finished playing with it. Although to be honest, I can’t see that happening in the near future.

 little love
Ready to learn – Bow lights up

The doll is the first Vtech has produced and is an absolute delight. It is definitely a must have for your little one this Christmas and with a retail price of £29.99 it is great value for money when you take into account what it can do and the hours of play it will provide.

The doll is ideal for role play, for getting children to talk and for those just learning to read as your children can actually learn with the doll. It is also perfect for language development, imaginative play (which I can stress the importance of enough) and motor skills as your little one needs to press relevant buttons care for the doll.

The doll is aimed at children aged 2 years and above. Aeryn is 3 and just adores it. Well, even Jadyn quite loves the doll and I am quite taken with it myself. Wherever were dolls like this when I was young?

Little Love

VTech also has a 3-in-1 pushchair that complements this doll and is sold separately. The pushchair is interactive and converts from a pushchair to a high chair to a cot. It is a lovely product and can also fit other dolls of upto 36 cm.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Little Love Baby Talk Doll to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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