The Epson Eco Tank 3600 and a Paperfight Competition

About 2 weeks back, I headed across London to Roots and Shoots for a treasure hunt with Epson UK. Yes, blogging is very exciting indeed.

It was perhaps more for the children but with mine all in school, I decided not to miss out and go it alone. Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt, eh?

We were sent off to find these paper origami animals dotted across the gardens in the venue. It was fun and my children would have had a lovely time. I enjoyed it myself.


The main aim of the event was to introduce us to the Epson Eco Tank 3600. If you are not familiar with it, the features of the Eco Tank 3600 are –

  • No need of cartridges – it prints up to 11,000 pages with the ink from the tank
  • It is economical – you can save up to 74% on printing costs
  • Easy refill tank system
  • Wi-fi and Epson Connect means you can print on the go
  • It prints, scans and copies and also has double sided printing.
  • Epson’s own Micro Piezo technology for excellent-quality print-outs

What’s not to like?

The price at first glance seems steep £399 – but given that you won’t need to spend on cartridges for quite a while, the economy of the machine is one of its best features.

Now if you liked the sound of this machine but the price sounds a bit too much for your budget right now, you can enter this fantastic competition to win one.


Epson has launched the Paper Fight competition where by you can win one of these fabulous machines AND other goodies by getting creative. All you need do is head over to the website and download a template of one of the five animals. Get folding (that’s the tough part) and then decorate it (that’s the easy part).  Take a picture and submit it online to win prizes worth over £1100. Sounds like a perfect Christmas gift? Head on over there now as the competition closes tomorrow.

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