Enter if you dare – Halloween party pack from Hobbycraft


Oooh Halloween – The name sends shivers down my back (well if said in a properly spooky tone, that is)

The fact is – I love Halloween. In fact, I love any celebration where we can bake (which we have been doing) and have fun. What’s fun for the children is fun for me!

Besides, I know that after Halloween, comes the best celebration of all – Christmas!

We don’t usually do much to celebrate Halloween but this year it was a little different. We were sent some decorations from Hobbycraft to review and obviously that meant a little party!


Here is what we received:

A special Halloween Tablecover

Fright tape

A foil balloon


and some bats and humungous (as Ethan says) flies!!


The table cover is made of plastic and it is quite large, so for my six- seater – there was definitely a lot left hanging. If you are having children over and don’t want too much hanging down the side – you can quite easily cut it and use it for two tables or keep one for next year. Again being plastic it can be wiped clean which is really handy when children are over.

fright tape

The fright tape is huge so I cut it into shorter pieces and used it on the doors. The children thought it great fun.

I am quite debating cutting pieces of the ‘Enter if you dare’ and sticking it on the bathroom door when I go for my bath – that should keep the monsters out!!

balloon 1

The foil balloon is ‘Sppookkyyy’ (as Ethan says) and the skeleton shines in the light so it should be great when I turn the lights out at night.


The bunting fits well over my window and it is rather cute. Again this can be reused if stored carefully.


The bats were used to throw here and there for some poor, unsuspecting soul!

The flies are really squidgy and feel a bit creepy but then that’s what Halloween is all about, wouldn’t you say?

These are all available from Hobbycraft and they have a host of things from fancy dress to craft kits and products to have an excellent party. Besides everything is available on a 3 for 2 offer – spookily great, I would say!

The kids are thrilled and I guess that’s what matters the most. They demand some more baking so we are going to be creating some more fancies.

Fancy coming back and visiting soon to get some more ghoulish ideas?

Disclosure: We received the above products for review. All ghostly ideas and opinions are my own!



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