Enjoying the simple things with Yeo Valley

When it’s too cold for a picnic outdoors, as it is now, we bring it inside. A picnic on the carpet can be just as fun.

Even more so when it is a dolls’ tea party.

When the days are dreary and little feet drag themselves to school, there’s nothing that puts a skip in the step as a promise of a picnic after school. One that involves dolls and little sandwiches and little yoghurts from Yeo Valley.


Aeryn, like all little ones enjoys picnics with her dolls and we recently had one to which she invited 3 of her favourites. With little cheese sandwiches that the dolls ate up pretty quickly and yoghurts that they devoured, I’d say it was pretty successful.

We’ve been recently looking closely at the food we eat at home and trying to incorporate more healthy food into the diet. It involves more vegetables and fruits and less of the biscuits and the sweets. Fruits make a pretty good dessert on their own or we add a little bit of cream for that little extra.

We have also been going on walks after lunch on the weekend and exploring the parks nearby. The children have been collecting leaves to make an autumn picture.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in my opinion and I have been cutting down on sugary cereals. I’ve swapped these for healthier cereals and yoghurt with fruit.


Little Yeos have been particularly successful in the mornings as the children have been enjoying them. Yeo Valley makes a range especially for children. They are also especially great because they are made

  • With All natural ingredients, no nasties – ideal for developing those taste buds from the beginning·   
  • With no added refined sugar, the Little Yeos Fromage Frais range is great for weaning, and reducing sugar can help develop healthy eating habits early on
  • Only with British organic milk

They are also very tasty, according to Aeryn.

Have you made any changes to your lifestyle recently to incorporate more of the natural life (outdoor living, family eating and enjoying simple pleasures?

This post is written in collaborations with Tots100 and Yeo Valley. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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