Enjoy cooking with Indesit cooker hoods

Since we cook quite a lot, I know how important it is to have a proper cooker hood that works effectively to dispel fumes. It is also a bother to clean cooker hoods and filters and Indesit seems to have got the perfect blend for a pleasurable ‘after cooking’ experience.

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The new range of Indesit cooker hoods has been designed with simplicity in mind to minimise unnecessary costs and ensure a hassle-free installation that you can do yourself. These sleek and simple designs mean that no additional extraction duct is required, so you can start using the hood right away!

It’s not just the installation that’s easy; cleaning these products couldn’t be simpler. Our metallic filters are easy to take care of simply using warm water with a little washing up liquid, so you can keep them functioning and looking like new without any hard work!

Finally you can kiss goodbye to hours wasted airing the kitchen as the charcoal filter provides the perfect opportunity for air recirculation, so even the strongest fumes will be gone in no time!

No matter what style your kitchen is, the Indesit collection offers a range of hoods to complement your look, from designer glass chimneys to integrated hidden hoods – so you can keep your cooking environment steam and odour free in style. The handy light will allow you to focus on food preparation and doubles up to provide the perfect mood lighting to make your guests feel right at home.

Unique Highlights of the range include:

·       High extraction rate of up to 490 m³/h with 3 speeds

·       Modern and stylish stainless steel finish

·       Simple and highly efficient charcoal filter

The new range of hoods are now produced in Indesit Company’s own facility in Lodz, Poland following a huge growth in demand of 30% over the last 2 years. This range of cooker hoods really is the perfect addition to the kitchen with exceptional extraction design and features for brilliant results.

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