Elves’ Choice 2016

Every year, I write up a Christmas gift guide where products are grouped together in different posts – top toys, gifts for girls etc. This year, we’ve been fortunate to review so many great products that I want to include in my gift guide but will take light years to write AND read!

I decided that this year individual reviews would have my elves’ stamp of approval and they’re all linked here, in case you want to check out other reviews. When you see this (or something similar – the ‘toys’ bit will change) click through and it will bring you to my page that will have all the reviews and recommendations.

Elves Choice 2016

I’ll keep adding as I go along and hope it helps Santa make the right choice for the children…


New Teksta Puppy

Little Live Pets Snuggles, the puppy

Real Construction from Jakks Pacific

Zoomer Hedgiez from Spinmaster Toys


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