Eldrador Dragon from Schleich – Review

We love the Schleich products we receive for review. They are always a huge hit in the house. This time, we were fortunate to receive a Eldrador Dragon.

This very realistic dragon is perfect for playing knights in mediaeval settings.

We were sent the Dragon Poacher – a magnificent beast with talons even on it’s wings. It has horns and spikes on it’s legs and it does look very fierce.

The dragon is red and green and has its teeth barred to stop anyone from coming near.

I’m told that this dragon is possibly indestructible except for it’s one weak spot – hidden beneath it’s crest.

The children – the two younger ones – have enjoyed playing with this dragon. In fact, I’ve been called to rescue the princess dolls quite often when Ethan makes the dragon swoop down on them.

The dragon is very lifelike as with all Schleich products and is of a very good quality. There are more dragons in the range – Night Hunter, Ice hunter, Diver. They all look extremely fierce and are perfect for imaginative play.  I know I’m going to be adding to the collection soon. I don’t really mind as the Schleich toys are so durable and last a long time.

The dragons are priced at about £14.99 each and are available at all major retailers.

For more dragon fun as well as all the other products available from Scheich – visit https://www.schleich-s.co.uk

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