Educational Games for Stay At Home Mums

Whether you are a stay at home mom that is just looking for ways to free yourself of some time so you can get around to cooking for the family while knowing your kids are up to something entertaining that will actually teach them something, or you are looking for supplemental learning tools for your kids that will have them enjoying the process of introducing new ideas to their young minds, educational games are a useful tool to have on hand. That is not just because they essentially trick the child into learning while having a blast, but it is also a habit building exercise – it allows the child to enjoy the process of educating themselves.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few games kids can play at home.


There are a lot of different kinds of edutainment, some that involve ways to memorise names of animals, practice foreign languages, or games to introduce new mathematical concepts. Incidentally, a game like flexible bingo can be adapted to include all of these different subjects to practice or learn for the first time. One can play bingo in its original form or in the new and conventional way nowadays. There are many new bingo sites recently formed, but for a more interactive experience, with a bit more effort from mom or dad, create a custom bingo board for whatever new topic you want to teach little Johnny and play the game with him.

Portal 1 and 2

For a lesson in spatial reasoning and logic for the older kids – plus a guaranteed great time (as long as they are not prone to motion sickness in first person shooters) – trust us when we say that little Suzy will end up thanking you for introducing her to the zany sci-fi world of Valve’s critically acclaimed masterpieces of the puzzle genre, Portal 1 and Portal 2. While these would never be tarnished with the label of edutainment, a term that has taken on a pejorative turn for pieces of software that have fun interactivity as a secondary goal, these games nonetheless tax the mind to consider moving around and relating to objects in three dimensional space like nothing before it.

You play as a test subject in a mysterious laboratory of sorts, coming into possession of a special gun capable of shooting gateways which transport you from one place to another. From this mechanic, dastardly puzzles are played out as the player moves through rooms of increasing difficulty she must figure out, one at a time.


Reviewed on publications like the New York Times to National Public Radio as a place for adults to receive mental fitness, this site is backed by teams of a neuroscientists who claim that playing such games can not only keep your brain fresh, but can also teach you new skills. While this is not specifically marketed for children, depending on the age and skill level, there are games that challenging and fun for kids and adults alike. Compete with your best scores to continue learning.

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