Eating my Cadbury chocolate bar and wearing it too…

You must know we love chocolate. Every so often on the blog, there’s a chocolate review or news about a new chocolate product that’s hitting the shelves. This time though, we’ve combined my two favourites – chocolate and clothing. And not just any type of clothing – it’s tie dye!

Here’s a little more about the new product –

Chocolate fans everywhere can now not only eat their favourite bars but can also wear them close to their heart, as Cadbury and designer brand House of Holland, unveil exclusive t-shirt collection inspired by five popular Cadbury chocolate bars.

The limited edition collection, designed by House of Holland’s creative director, Henry Holland, will for the first time let chocolate fans and fashionistas express themselves and their love for their favourite chocolate bars through one of the most important wardrobe staples. Fans of Twirl, Boost, Double Decker, Wispa and Crunchie can now let their t-shirts do all the talking, as show-stopping colourful tie-dye tees representing each of the five chocolates make-up the designer range.

Taking inspiration from the tastes and textures that make each of the Cadbury bars so iconic and unique, the unisex t-shirts include:

– Twirl – Tie-dyed in iconic Cadbury purple and adorned with yellow ribbon iconography, the t-shirt design nods to the indulgent swirls of Twirl

– Crunchie – A vibrant orange tee it features the recognisable Crunchie logo and incorporates striking illustrated shatters to amplify the crushing honeycomb

– Double Decker – Combining tie-dyed purple and orange blocks of colour the t-shirt mimics the contrasting tastes and textures of soft and crispy that make up this delicious bar

– Boost – Taking inspiration from the energetic colours of the brand, the tee represents the pile up of three delicious flavours through the use of the broken up Boost logo

– Wispa – A lively red and purple tee, it highlights the billions of tiny bubbles of rich and intense chocolate found in mouth-watering Wispa!

Richard Weisinger, Senior Brand Manager at Cadbury said “House of Holland is known for its iconic graphic and slogan t-shirts so we thought this partnership was the perfect match! This is the first time we have created a fashion collection and across the five t-shirts we really wanted to show off the unique tastes and textures across our range as we know this variety is what our fans love about Cadbury chocolate.”









Henry Holland, Creative Director at House of Holland said “We wanted to make this range a real hit for the great British summer and with all five designs being really unique and different we think there is a great selection here for all fans. My personal favourite is the Wispa t-shirt and I can’t wait to see everyone wearing these to festivals and events over the next few months” The limited edition range will be sold through with each t-shirt retailing at £30 and all profits going directly to The Prince’s Trust. So if you’re keen to join the fashion-pack and bag yourself this must-have item, get shopping because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

My daughter loves the t-shirts too. In fact, we love the t-shirts so much that we couldn’t stop taking pictures of ourselves in it. 


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